Saturday, October 20, 2012

Contoh Rancangan Mengajar Matematik

Steps (Duration)

Teaching and Learning Activities
Set Induction

(10 minutes)

Teacher shows a magic that relate with the lesson today.

Magic: Where is my money
1)    Teacher takes out 5 notes of RM 1.

2)    Then, teacher put all the money inside a box.

3)    Show an item (example: doll). Tell them the price of it is RM 5.

4)    Call one pupil to come out and tell the class that he/she will use all the money in the box to buy it.

5)    Count the money with them. Is it enough?


Step 1
(15 minutes)

Teacher’s explanation and demonstration of handling addition process of money

1)    Teacher shows a brochure (using Tesco brochure).

2)    Tell them today, they will buy some goods using it.

3)    But first, teacher show 2-3 examples of addition involve the goods that can be found in the brochure.

4)    Then, ask two pupils to come and try the questions. If they can’t do, encourage others to help them.

Step 2
(20 minutes)

Group work:

Using brochure and fake 

1)    Teacher divides the pupils by six groups.

2)    Ask them to sit in their group.

3)    Teacher asks the head of each group to come in front. They must choose one from six envelopes in teacher’s hand.

4)    They need to buy 3 goods according to the task given.

5)    They will make addition of the value of the goods they buy.

6)    Gives each group the worksheets after they identify the goods that they want.

7)    They need to add all the prices. Then, ask them to get the fake money from teacher according the total value.

8)    Get their findings by call them to present their works.

Step 2
(10 minutes)

Individual work:

Solving the problem in the Activity Book (page 73 and 79

1)    Teacher asks them to open their activity book.

2)    Ask them to complete the exercise in page 79 first.

3)    While they are doing their work, teacher observes them and guides them if they have problems.

4)    Also give attention to the weaker group in the class.

5)    Discuss the answer with them. If have time continue the exercise in page 73. If not, ask them to do it as their homework.

( 5 minutes)

Conclusion by using questioning technique.

1)    Show them a pizza box.

2)    Call one of them to open it and then read the question inside it.

3)    Solve the question together with them.

p/s : Ni contoh RPH yang aku buat masa praktikal dulu. Memang khas untuk lecturer aku observe masa tu =)..yang paling best magic aku jadi. Murid first yang kira duit dalam kotak memang ada rm 4. At last aku tunjuk gak macam mana aku hilangkan duit tu lagi RM 1 tu..hehe


Terima kasih daun keladi,
Datang sini, komen le lagi

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